Link is a professional service provider offering an integrated solutions portfolio to clients of any size in any sector.

Link provides services to its clients under the following divisions:

Link has rapidly set the benchmark for providing advanced technology and cost-effective solutions to clients. Since its establishment, the company has quickly grown to an all-encompassing service provider.

Link is committed to the utmost care of its clients and the environment. Our expert team performs the indispensable tasks your business needs, so you can focus on your clients. When you work with Link, you’ll have a dedicated team by your side driven to meet the needs of your business. Because when your essential needs are taken care of, you can focus on those aspects that are most profitable for your business.

Competitive Advantage

The decision to outsource a service is an important one. No matter what services you outsource, the competency of the provider you choose will affect the outcome and your level of satisfaction. With over 20 years of combined experience serving clients in the hospitality industry and multiple facility types, LINK stands ready to deliver service solutions to exceed our client’s expectations.

Our workforce of over 800 team members is experienced and expert at what we do. We focus on our client’s business needs so they may focus on their core business. LINK builds value for our clients by reducing operating costs while keeping properties clean, safe and comfortable through individual or integrated solutions.

Corporate Values

LINK was founded on strong ethical and moral principles, which guide the overall organization. Our corporate values; Leadership, Integrity, Loyalty, Respect and Commitment are essential to LINK’S relationship with its clients and the success of its employees and organization. Every employee at LINK knows this and puts it into action at every job site.

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